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About Artists

        The jewelry that Cynthia Chuang and Erh-Ping Tsai create is as intricate and detailed as anything an emperor ever wore: rich with metals, semi-precious stones, paint and above all, porcelain and worked with colored clay inlays, underglazing, overglazing, and millefiore techniques. Their pieces invoke tradition in depicting the insects, butterflies and fish that have appeared in Chinese art for centuries. However, more importantly, it is the humoristic and whimsical nature of their wildlife jewelry that wins the love of so many. The vivid colors of the pieces, witty expressions of every character, and countless ways to wear them, bring jewelry design to a whole new level. These one of a kind pieces are unlike any other wearable art. Along with these creatures, come a decade of unforgettable and moving stories. Their ability to bring a smile to anyone’s’ face has had an impact on all of Cynthia and Erh-Ping’s admirers. Countless letters and e-mails are filled with heart-felt experiences and gratitude. Having the ability to bring happiness and amusement to people’s lives are what motivates these artists to continue building an amazing career that astounds all.


From the Artist:

         The beauty of our natural world is something that every person should be able to enjoy. Our work not only captures the essence of living creatures around us, but also portrays the humoristic spirit in us. Our work is not about the material or the worth, but of the ability it has to let yourself discover your inner love of nature, and to let it always bring out a smile.



About the Artists

Written By Daughter Sue Tsai  (young Artist) www.SueTsai.com

         As I have grown older, I have learned that a child’s parents are a big part of the person that he or she will one day become. The experiences that occur in their every-day life will teach and shape them into a person that is unique and unlike any other. The road to becoming your own person is not an easy one. Always, along the way, you will need advice and direction. On my own road, the advice and direction was always given to me by my parents. But instead of telling them to me, they showed me.

Both my parents were born and raised in small towns of Southern Taiwan. They met as classmates at the National Taiwan Academy of Arts. After graduating, they married and moved to America for more complex studies in art. They received graduate degrees in sculpture at the Parsons School of Design, and then entered the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. 

            The day that I was born happened to also be the day of one of the worst blizzards that winter of ‘87. However, that is not the point. The point is, that while every single person in the New York State was at home sitting in front of the fireplace wrapped in wool blankets, my Dad was outside taking pictures. Yes, you read that correctly, pictures. Since as far back as I can remember, my parents have had a passion for the magnificent beauty of the natural world. I guess that is what inspired them both to model all their artwork after earth’s creatures.

 When I was little, we lived in Queens. My parents had a studio in the basement of our brick house. I would sit in my Dad’s lap while he worked and watch him create art out of lumps of clay. Together, my parents have built their business and I have watched it flourish. Every day that comes along, my Dad is bursting with new ideas. By the end of the day, his idea is a reality.

            My parents have focused their work on color, collage and multimedia experimentation, utilizing porcelain, metals, semiprecious stones and many kinds of paints. They also use colored clay inlays, and glaze in their porcelains. Much of their jewelry has been developed with three dimensional construction techniques.   

          My parent’s love for nature does not only reflect in their art but also in our home. Together, they have turned our house into a place where friends love to visit and never forget.  

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